You have the right to be who and what you want to be by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

You have the right to be who and what you want to be

Speaking out against judgemental issues in the sex industry and beyond

Thinking of how many people out there are excluded from society for their choices, their past, their illnesses, cultural choices, their mental state etc etc. Labelled by the judgmental with statements such as she’s a prostitute how could anyone love her, when in reality she has a loving family – she bat crazy – look at her – when in reality she’s mentally unwell and in need compassion and understanding – he’s been in prision he must be a bad person – keep away from him – when in reality yes he has been in trouble in the past but who gives anyone the right to label him now… In reality he is a reformed Christian.

If there is one thing I cannot tolerate it is judgmental attitudes by people who believe they are better than others. Putting others down to enhance their own egos, justifying themselves and their own status. Take the time to get to know somebody before making judgments in fact better still don’t make judgments. I hear you asking how is that possible when it is ingrained within our society to judge somebody??

You will have been asked this and maybe asked it yourself of others it’s that fabulous social sectioning question – so what do you do for a living?? I hate that question and it is something I rarely ask – if somebody wishes to share what they do for a living I am happy to enter into a conversation about it but for me that is the ultimate I am going to judge you on what you do for a living question and categorise you in my head… You can imagine the response I get when I tell people I am an Escort and not only am I an Escort I am also into Domination and Fetish… They are either horrified and they never talk to me again, which is a good thing because anyone who is horrified by my profession would not get on with me anyway so no loss to me or they are intrigued and accepting….. In the social groups I mix in most lean towards the latter..

For me I accept people – I recently gave a friend some advice that no matter what she told me I would not judge her on it I would accept it. So if she told me the sky was luminous green with pink spots tonight my mind says – well if she thinks it luminous green with pink spots that is just fine with me I accept that is what she sees but to me it looks blue but its ok she just looks at it a different way to how I do…

It makes life very simple to be accepting but also to have self-acceptance and accept myself for who I am to allow myself to be who I want to be and not be dictated to by society into what it thinks I should be. I don’t need to conform to the normal. I am different I am me and that’s what makes me special I am just me a normal girl who is easy going openly accepting and non judgemental…. I play within the legal regulations but in essence answer to no one expect myself and I can be quite demanding of myself sometimes….

Don’t let others tell you, you are a failure or in my case call me a dirty slut!! I was even told that as long as I was an Escort no one would ever love me!! My answer to that is if that’s your opinion your entitled to it but I could not care less what you think – I am me and me is beautiful, kind and caring, accepting and welcoming, honest and respectful. Don’t let other people’s judgemental attitudes get you down – you are better than that. This is the fundamentals of societies conditioning and everyone is effected one way or another. Just think back to when you were little, 'wear this lovely pink dress because you are a girl', when really you wanted to wear blue jeans with holes in them have dirty hands and Climb trees? 'Girls don't do that''. Really who says?, just be yourself open and honest because the amount of damage others try to do to you to get you to conform is frightening.

Don't let other peoples judgemental ideas change who you are, just pause and ask yourself the question - who do they want you to change for you or them?

Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx