Back in Huddersfield Tuesday 14th November
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Back in Huddersfield Tuesday 14th November

Looking forward to getting back to what I love…..

Its been a while but I have been having a well earned rest, which was well needed to recover from what ever struck me down before I cam away.

I am now back to full fighting fit and ready to rock.  I am looking forward to a very naughty run up to Christmas in Huddersfield and Bristol and welcoming you to visit me in my house in Huddersfield where the magic happens and Wonderland meets Narnia.

Lose yourself on these cold dark days to somewhere magical with a truly captivating seductress who has the sexual skills to really tap into what makes you tick and takes your desires and turns them into truly magical intimate encounters.

Trained in the art of sexuality, eroticisum, seduction and intimate liaisons I know exactly which buttons to press and how to press them.

Our time together will always be precious and special and i want it to be as special as you do so go the extra mile and beyond to make sure you have the most incredible experience while we are together.

I am passionate about making sure you are always feeling relaxed and comfortable and have full respect for any boundaries you may have, I really listen to you and also to your body which makes for a truly unique experience whether it be GFE, kink or BDSM.  With me there is no routine it is all about responding to you and what you, I like to look at it as an erotic dance between two people moving to each others body and mind in a seductive captivating way.

So what are you waiting for come and forget about the dark cold days and lets have some cosy naughty fun.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx

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