Beware of Fake profiles…..
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Beware of Fake profiles…..

I have recently been a victim of photo theft by an agency in London.  I cannot tell you what an unpleasant experience this is but also how very real this is. 

You know it really does scare me how easy my professional identity can be stolen and used by someone else.  It also scares me how easy it is to create a fake profile which is not good for you lovely people out there.

This agency had taken my pictures which were allegedly supplied to them by a third party.  They were then put onto escort directories and used to advertise under two names Natalie and Allesa on My Local Escorts and Bumpix.  My Local Escorts were very fast acting and when I raised the issue with them they immediately removed the profile.   Bumpix on the other had have not done anything at all. 

The agency who I won’t name here but you can find reference to it in my Twitter Page were in a word initially not very helpful.  I did call them and found the receptionist to be rude and unhelpful and almost aggressive, after a very heated conversation and after I had the phone put down on me several times he told me he had passed it onto the manager and would get them removed tomorrow.  I am sorry but when I am a victim of photograph and professional identity theft tomorrow simply is not good enough.  Several heated phone calls later and the pictures were removed.

I then received an email from the agency and I was staggered to learn that they openly admit that they do not check all the profiles they advertise because they have too many.  Wow what a statement to make in an industry that is ruined with fake profiles, bullshit and lies.  Why on earth anyone would put their name to something that could potentially be fake is beyond me.  I was told that the photos were provided by a third party and that they just simply listed them.  Really come on now, is that how to get a good reputation I don’t think so.  I pointed out that my website and content is copyrighted but they clearly had no regard for this. It was in a word a nightmare and very frustrating but it brought it home how many fake profiles must be out there.  I hear of bait and switch all the time where the lady does not look anything like the picture and it just shows how easy it can happen.

So if you are looking for a service provider, sex worker, sex educator, whatever term you use,  all I ask is that you are careful as it is so easy to get into mucky water here, if a lady or agency are using fake pictures what else are they doing?  They certainly won’t have your interest at heart or any interest in quality of service and credibility.

The thing that made me laugh is I am was advertised as 27 with no tattoos and my pictures clearly show tattoos on them, I know I am aging well, so I am told but even my picture don’t pass as 27. 

So please do check out the credibility of the people you are contacting, phone number, reviews, website designer are they using a known credible designer, twitter feed.  Speak to the person you are going to visit first to make sure they are real and offer what you are after.  You know if you do the research and leg work you will get a far better experience than if you are wooed by some pictures and a number and think oh they look good I will go there.

Take your time and get it right for you, as with anything else you are spending your money on you want it to be worthwhile and positive experience as well as plenty of fun.

Keep it safe and stay mindful.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx


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