Fabulous  Foreplay
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Fabulous Foreplay

Hi My lovely exciting lovers. We all really deep down want to be loved but until we find the ONE while we have fun, don’t we?

Fooling around and such, kissing, touching BEING CRAZY! ...without taking it too far (i.e. fucking eachother) you dont have to be single!!!

What is supposed to come before sex or leading up to it. Often conveniently forgotten by the male.

  1. LISA honey why don’t you ever give me any foreplay
  2. FRED: what's that? Oh you mean that ridiculous time-consuming event before sex? I completely forgot about i

Most men are very nervous about foreplay, some vaguely understand that they do not. spend enough time with it but are uncertain as how to remedy the situation.

Foreplay is special to each one out there and Mine involves getting real dirty, too creative and very seductive with you. An erotic, fully lubed, foreplay with lot of kinky jokes and naughty teasing with different ingredient is the secret to great sex between me and my client. I dont stick to one activity but Always having two to three actions going on simultaneously is the key to keep his penis throbbing hard and attentive that can otherwise get dull and monotonous. I eat you like I dig into my favorite dish until it fulfills my hunger, Such interest and attitude always ensures you get the maximum pleasure to achieve a bulged hard on while I get the great reward following all my hard work!

My words are not the only way my tongue can blow your mind

Kristina J for the best Fore play xx

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