Facials love them or hate them
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Facials love them or hate them

One of the reasons men like facials or cumming on a woman is that it's pleasurable. If you think about it, men have been masturbating since their teens. In most cases, they probably see (visually) their ejaculation and then have an orgasm. For years, they have trained their mind that seeing cum = pleasure. Now put that together with the face of the woman you fancy or a female body part that is really sexy, then double the pleasure. It would be like combining ice-cream and chocolate.

Facial Application of make-up to one's face.  Facial Application of sperm to one's face.  Deep cleansing of the face by various means including; steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, masks, peels, and massage.

1: Zach went to the Saigon Spa to give a facial for $20.00. 

2: Jessica went to the Oasis Spa to get a facial and skin rejuvenating treatment.

Facial Birth Control Ann was ovulating and even though Brian had masturbated three times that day he was still horny. He had to shag something but didn't want another kid, so he shagged the cleavage of Ann's 44 ddd's and ejeculated the juice in her face. It was quite a facial.

Facials have become really popular due to porn. I don't think 10 years ago people were doing it as often. The problem is that porn give men the impression that all women love it, whereas a large portion of women do not.

Want to know my stance on this visit me and find out you may be delighted or not that is the question??? 

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