Good Girl gone Bad.... Kristina J
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Good Girl gone Bad.... Kristina J

My journey into Escorting Good Girl Gone Bad.. 

I often get asking what led me into Escorting so thought I would put fingers to keypad and write a little blog. 

I was living a very normal, and quite boring life, married, lovely house in the country with views as far as the eye could see with a lovely guy, no worries, no need to work if I didn’t want to ,but chose to run my own little business - to some people the perfect dream. It just was not for me, I wanted to explore my sexuality, taste my freedom and become a whole person. I recognised that something was missing so I took the brave step to end the relationship.  Amicably we decided to call it a day and go our own way.  I often ponder what would've happened if I had stayed.  I came to the conclusion recently that I would living in my lovely big house, with my now very wealthy husband, (ex-husband) and I would be dreadfully unhappy, so removed from my real self and probably stuck up my own arse and not a real person and more than likely totally miserable.

I left the area I was living and went off travelling for a little while (there is another blog there, one day). My trip took me to Goa, India where I had an interesting time. On my return I decided to stop in Bristol which is where I made my home. I was looking for that little bit of fun after sampling the swinging scene before heading off on my travels. I visited some of the local clubs, hosted parties, attended private meets attended some of the big clubs in the UK before stumbling across a group of guys and girls who partied hard and lived it to the full. Over the years they taught me everything I needed to know at the time and introduced me to many things I have never tried before in a word we had a blast!! We did things that wildest dreams could not image and basically had some amazing fun and I have some fabulous memories. I still count one or two of these people very close friends many years on. I visited clubs in Europe and saw something a little different over there, again had some amazing fun filled times. I basically lived the swinging lifestyle in full with parties that would go on for days, weekends came and went in a blur of hedonism. We laughed, we danced, we played and we cried together it was awesome. 

I had always thought of Escorting but never too sure how to get into it, then one evening I was sat chatting to a lady who was telling me she was an escort and what she did. I was captivated and wanted to know more. We spoke for hours and she told me I would be good at it. So with the information she gave me I set up my first Adultwork Profile and set to work 48 hours later. What an inspiration that conversation turned out to be. I have never looked back and had a blast along the way, met some mazing people and again have some fabulous memories and done things again in my wildest dreams would not imagine. 

Since I was a good girl who went bad I can say honestly 

I have had a blast and long may it continue. 

Needless to say you won’t find me in swinging clubs playing now, them days are long gone. Occasionally I do like to attend a few select clubs but never play publicly. I choose to save it for behind closed doors parties for close friends and as a bit of a luxury, maybe the odd trip to the clubs abroad and that is it.  I do now have a team of people around me we run our own events and more recently training weekends covering conscious sexuality.  Teaching others the many skills I have learned over the years.   I much prefer to dedicate my time to learning and developing my skills now and get to as many workshops as possible so that I can continue to offer a sensation range of play as well as develop myself which in turn makes me better at what I do.

I would say that coming from the swinging scene it has helped over the years with my Escorting. It definitely gave me the confidence and experience that is just not possible to get in any other situation. I use many things I learned in my swinging days while escorting. Also my interest in the fet scene helps with my BDSM work as I genuinely do love it rather than it just been an additional service. I have loads yet to learn and there is loads I am learning which I have not done but then again there is always something new to experience which is what keeps the whole thing interesting. I am no longer a fan on the mainstream swinging scene as time and time again the same issue was coming up and that was consent.  As part of my ongoing work our workshops cover consent I am hoping that my events team will have the opportunity to bring teaching consent into some of the main clubs in the UK.  (A little project I am working on in my spare time)!!

Since I was a good girl who went bad I can say honestly I have had a blast and long may it continue. 

One life live it – create the memories that will make you smile when you no longer can do what you would like to do. 

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx

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