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I am away from evening of 28th October until 10am on 4th December

Hello lovlies

I am going to be away on holiday and just to let you know I won't be taking my phone with me or answering my emails as I will be out in the wilds of Africa where phone signal will be scarce.

As I am not taking my phone if you call I won't answer it, I know that sounds daft but you really won't believe the amount of people who ring me numerous times then when I am away despite the answerphone message that says when I am back. Sometimes I feel like I am hitting my head on a brick wall..

I also won't be answering text messages, whatsap message, emails or carrier pigeons while I am away. I am back on 4th December and already booking up right through December with very few morning appts left the main of whats left is afternoons and some evenings.

If you wish to book for December please send me a text message, whatsap or email with the date and times you are available and I will pick it up on my return admin day which is 3rd December. I will also be answering my phone on 3rd so please feel free to call then instead of waiting until 4th as I will be difficult to get hold of again from the 4th.

Please don't send a carrier pigeon or a paper aeroplane they are not very reliable now a days. I just had a thought of the old wobble telephone system if you remember that from the wobbles.. That no longer works either I am sorry to say. I remember making one of these systems with my friends as a child - sorry back on track…..

This it the first holiday in years when I am having total shut down and really taking some time out. i have a few blogs to post while I am away but they are mainly written.

Thank you for taking other time to read this and I look forward to spending some wonderful tome with you in the very near future.

Kisses K x

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