Huddersfield Escort - How do I book you??
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Huddersfield Escort - How do I book you??

Hello here is a basic guide for you lovely people who have read my website and want to come and see me...

I really do like to keep it very simple in regards to booking me.

The biggest issue I always face is my availability and while I work 10am - 10pm I don not work flat out all day every day, my goodness me I would be exhausted and not able to give you the very best attention you deserve.

From time to time thought the week I take periods of rest chichis important as the rule goes I need to look after myself to look after others. If I feel tired this has a knock on effect and something I am not willing to compromise on is quality.  (more to come in another blog).

So I do limit to an average number of sessions a week and that appears to work well.  I generally am booked way in advance and if you have a specific time and date I advise at least 3 weeks notice to get the appointment time you would like.

The best way to book me is to give me a call between 8am and 10am weekdays is one of the best times as i am more able to answer my phone than any other time in the day.

We can have a short phone call and make arrangements for our liaison, then if you have any detailed requests you can email or text them to me.

If you are making contact initially via email then I will ask for you to call to book and confirm the appointment.  I do not mid communicating by email but call me old fashioned I like to speak to the person especially if we are going to intimate.  Makes sense yes?

On the morning of the appointment I will request that one of the following happens.

I will text you to confirm between 8am and 8.30am 


You will call me between 8am and 9am 

This is to confirm and also so you can be given the location details, I do not give my location details until the day and only after confirmation.

For same day bookings

My same day availability is very few and far between but here is the tip...

I confirm all my appointments by 10am the morning of the appointment if it is not confirmed and I have not been informed that confirmation will be late the appointment will either be opened up as available or located as private rest time.

So for same day appointments give me a call just before 10am you may get lucky....

On line booking form

I also have my online booking form link below

booking form

Please feel free to select a time and date and send me a request, please note this is just a request.  Once I receive it i will confirm it and request that you phone at a time that works for both of us.


Once I know you you may also book by text but until we have met no text bookings will be taken.  You may enquire by text then follow up with a phone call to book if you like.

"I also ask that you take responsibility for your own boundaries within the session"

Session Content 

I am just going to write briefly about session content as blogs are to follow in the next few weeks or so.

I like to get an idea of what your likes and the things that you would like to explore and experience.  I understand for some people vocalising your likes can be difficult so I invite that you may text or email them to me.  Sometimes it is actually better on an email as it saves me writing them down and when I confirm our meeting I refer back to the emails. 

You are free to ask for what you want in terms of dress, toys, role-play, kink and explorative play.  If you do not ask then I work on the presumption of stockings, heels and a lovely dress looking ravishingly stunning and we take it from there.

I also ask that you take responsibility for your own boundaries within the session (guess what, blog to come).  This means you are able to say yes to what you like and no to what you don't like and in doing so your yes and not are met with gratitude and acknowledgement of a thank you form myself.  This means we are free to play and explore as we have got this agreement in place.

If you are struggling with your boundaries I also do sessions where together we cover boundary and consent work in a sexual content. you guessed it mother blog to follow...

Hope this helps and any questions do please feel free to mail, or phone me and ask as sensible questions are welcome.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort  xx

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