Keeping Escorting and Punting safe
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Keeping Escorting and Punting safe

Another blog post that has expired from my archive blog written a few years ago 

I have been reading a few things on the internet lately (not that I believe everything I read) but if I pick between the lines I can form my own opinions. The subject is question is outing of guys and also girls. This is something I can speak quite openly about now as it has happened to me by an ex partner who took it on himself to publicise my full name, date of birth, address, car registration details, my friends address and where I could be found in my private down time. He informed the landlord at the time of my activities, my family and friends. The later were the best thing he ever did because I now have the support of my family and I found out who my real friends are. As a result of all this I had to remove as much information about myself off the internet (not an easy task) all my old Punternet field reports and my original Adult Work Profile and take a break from Escorting for a few months while things died down. I made the decision to move North to be nearer my family, home and close friends who had supported me. Since my move I have been very open about what I do with my friends and family which has given me a network of support. There are two benefits of this for me one is my security and safety because I am not hiding from anyone and everyone knows what I do I am never in a vulnerable position. Secondly no one can threaten me with anything as it has all been done and I have come through it.

I have been reading horror stories of guys that have been outed and had their identities blown, which is the main reason for the blog to give a few tips to keep your cover in place and protect you.  Outing and causing my client base any problems is not an activity I condone or would participate in and mutual respect comes in where I respect your privacy and expect mine to be respected in return.  I am open and will talk openly about my private life to my visitors and on the internet as I have nothing to hide. I do respect that when you visit me though you are visiting me for a reason and there has to be a level of trust, respect and discretion.  So for anyone getting into punting here are a few tips, I know some of you do follow them all some follow a few and some do none.

Keep it safe but most of all keep this as it is meant to be fun and enjoyable

  • Use a separate punting phone or sim card
  • Use a seperate punting email address
  • Use a punting name not your real name
  • In call or Outcalls to a hotel only never your home address unless you are happy for a working girl to be able to do searches that will bring up all personal details of an address
  • Use an unregistered sim and top up with cash only, not credit or debit cards
  • Never take anything to an incall which could personally identify you
  • Don’t revel personal details, marital status, occupation and so on
  • Don’t post personal information on forums
  • Change your Adultwork, Forum and Twitter names to something that is not easily searchable in google
  • Use a basic, non smart phone  for punting - Calls and basic text only
  • Mix up your user names and don’t post anything personal and punting on the same forum or use the same names
  • Don’t post in the same name on vanilla forum or swinging forums as you do on punting forums
  • Don’t leave yourself logged onto accounts and clear all internet history
  • Be aware that safari can still show websites visited even when history is deleted
  • Delete contacts, dialled calls and texts off the punting phone and sim
  • Delete emails 
  • Use a private email address where deleted emails can not easily be recovered 

I have a system that I work to as I take advance bookings and this is how it goes.

If you make an appointment with me a day, week, month in advance then I am more than happy to take the appointment into my diary. The morning of the appointments between 8am and 9am I confirm all my appointments via text with a text that will read along the lines of - all ok for 10 please confirm back. I will then await a confirmation text to confirm the appointment and if it requires a response will respond to it.  If you do not wish for me to text you then I ask that you call e between a certain time to confirm the appointment and I make a note in my diary so i know not to contact you.

I will enter into text talk if you have contacted me but other than that will not text, call or mail you and await your contact not the other way around.

Keep it safe but most of all keep this as it is meant to be fun and enjoyable

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort  xxx

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