Lily Fogg - A Famous Halifax Lady of the Night
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Lily Fogg - A Famous Halifax Lady of the Night

I came across this ladies name and I am intrigue....

I recently came across a your tube Video about Lily Fogg a lady of the night in Halifax in the 60's and then found the song and Shazam and would like to share the link

Ghost of Lily Fogg - Shazam

I am intrigued there is very little information about this lady and set about trying to find out a little bit more about here given she shares the same profession as myself although in a different era.

The oldest profession in the world and old time stories of ladies that have gone before me intrigue me. So I have set about trying to find out some of the stores as the internet turns up very little. I did find out that a local brewery Halifax Steam at Hipperholme have been brewing a beer called Lily Fogg for years..

So if any of your Gentleman out there have some stories about Lily Fogg I would love to hear them..

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