Male Milking - Kristina J Huddersfield Escort
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Male Milking - Kristina J Huddersfield Escort

One of the the very common things I get asked is will you milk my cock..

Male Milking - Kristina J Huddersfield Escort

Cock milking is something I come across on a daily basis.  There are those of you out there who are experienced to been milked and that is fantastic I am glad you have found something you love. Then there are those of you out there who have seen it on a porn film and fantasise about it, again fantastic, fantasies are the stepping stones to giving it a go for real.

I don't want to spoil any ones illusion if you have seen it on a porn film but the reality of porn is that it is acting and as such the reality can be totally different to the fantasy.

I have a Venus 2000 which i bought with male milking in mind but while I would not want to defer anyone form trying the Venus 2000, I have found that one it goes on i have little control over anything but the speed.  Therefore unless you can cum multiple times without loosing erection.  It does happen but generally the majority of people loose the erection after the first time and go sensitive.

My preferred method of male milking is using my hand, mouth and prostate stimulation.  Sometimes I will add in the magic wand also and sometimes not.  I have recently discovered the best positions to get the optimum results and few techniques of pressure and energy work mixed in have had a great effect.

"he very lamely whimpered please don't want my cock anymore"

By mixing this way the orgasm is intensified by stimulating the prostate and while some men can cum time and time again others don't.  The amount of times you can cum is really of no relevance when I do the milking as each time you do cum the quality and intensity is diminished so sometimes I have found it more effective to build up the energy and intensity so when you do blow boy do you blow..

The words of advice I offer to anyone who is wanting to try this for the first time is not to get hung up on how many times you can cum, understand your body, do you get sensitive after.  Have had many times when I have milked someone who has the intention of summing for England and after the first time the sensation have been so intensive that sensitivity sets in.  So I invite you to be realistic and open to experiment and experiment does not always means it looks like it does on the porn films.

On the flip side orgasm denial and ruined orgasms can really push someone to edge and back.. I have had people tied up before begging me to stop and to let them go, 3 hours one poor soul had to agonise through as I had him in state of ruined orgasm after ruined orgasm and in the end he very lamely whimpered please don't want my cock anymore.  Much to my entertainment, well of course I carried on.  (I have permission to share that story). 

So heres to experimenting adding intensity and pushing limits within boundaries.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort ( with a deviant smile on her face...) 

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