MMF Days in Huddersfield
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MMF Days in Huddersfield

Ok so I have been asked for it may times and you know what they say if you ask then you may well receive.  So here it is duo days with Jay a professional male.  

So what can I tell you about Jay - 6ft tall, very sexy, orally bi and dominant. 

Imagine fulfilling that very naughty fantasy of being with a guy who is orally bi and having a commanding female in charge, or even the other way around. 

Jay's experience and skills some what rival mine and coming from the conscious kink and conscious sexuality background he is more than capable of taking you on a erotic journey.  Couple that with myself and you have a very highly charged sexual experience with 2 professionals.  Covering everything from a very naughty MMF scenario, to kink and BDSM the opportunities are endless.  

All play between myself and Jay is protected and totally safe just as you would expect between myself and my lovely visitors.

Our first duo date is: Monday 27th November 10am - 10pm

I would recommend booking in advance if you would like to experience a very erotical and naughty time with myself and Jay.

Let your imagination run wild and if you have a fantasy I invite you to drop me a line and ask as Jay is as sexual adventurous as I am so I would only be too happy to hear your thoughts.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx

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