My London Tour is now confirmed..
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My London Tour is now confirmed..

I will be in London 10am Monday 2nd October until Midday Saturday 7th October 

At last I have now booked my apartment for my London tour

It is located 5 minutes walk from West Kensington tube station and it is a very cosy little place which is easy to access.

If you wish to book my London tour then please do read the following first:

Because of the cost of accommodation my prices will be slightly higher.  

1 hour - £150.00

90 minutes - £225.00

2 hours £280

and each hour there after £120.00 

I will be offering advance booking discount of £20.00 per booking but the booking must be made at least 24 hours in advance and I will require a deposit of 50%.  No discount will be given if a deposit is not received 

I am trying to keep my prices as realistic but as you can appreciate accommodation in London and accommodation in the rest of the country is slightly different.

I hope you appreciate this and it would be wonderful to get aquatinted with you while I am in London.

Kisses Kristina J Yorkshire Escort x

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