Resolutions of the not going to happen kind.
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Resolutions of the not going to happen kind.

Hi Guys hope you enjoyed your New Year as I did hope it was fun and sexy, now on to the serious bits New Years Resolutions WTF not me when you are perfect in all ways there is nothing in my life I want to change about me, how about you!!! ?

New Years Resolutions

The things you promise your self you will do over the year, but quit after the first 2 weeks. .

My new year's resolution used to be is to eat less Junk Food, exercise more and live an overall healthier, more productive, studious life exciting and fulfilling (I already do) see my resolutions worked for me.

An assessment of, and often delusional attempt to correct, one's shortcomings. Typically made on a day that is arbitrary except that it begins a New Year on the standard Gregorian Calendar Given the arbitrary nature of the date and the sudden change of lifestyle demanded by most resolutions, it should not be surprising that most resolutions are abandoned by the start of the next year. Fortunately the next New Year gives a person the opportunity to make the same resolution again.

  • A common New Year's resolution get fit get thin get hot, get laid.
  • A common outcome: stay out of shape, stay fat, stay ugly masturbate.

Always a pleasure Kristina J xxx See you soon

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