Saw this on x-North and liked it….
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Saw this on x-North and liked it….

I saw this on X north and liked it..

19 things to do so thought I would share mine here also..

Here is a link to the forum x-north forum

1) Increase my awareness about the food I am eating - eat more consciously

2) Increase fitness levels

3) Manifest my new venture (not retiring just running it along side what I am doing now)

4) Find my signature with my work

5) More training - Lomi Lomi booked for June - look how to incorporate this into sensual touch and erotic massage

6) Create more spaciousness

7) Another photoshoot and video shoot - still planning this Personal challenge by stretching my learning beyond my known capabilities

9) Write more

10) Develop my tantric / sexual energy skills - looking at a course that will take me way beyond where i am now with this

11) Raise awareness around consent and how to communicate consent effectively

12) Find new routes to pleasure for my special visitors

13) Increase my capacity to feel more pleasure

14) Encourage my special visitors to step into their erotic selves and dive deep to fly high

15) Connect more with myself and others

16) Travel more but push my boundaries with this - more challenging back packing

17) Learn more about myself

I am sure there will be more but thats it for now..

What are your 19 things to do….

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