Sexual Surprises
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Sexual Surprises

One of the most important things of sexual surprises is being totally unpredictable, it never looks the same way twice. It never feels the same way twice, it never starts the same way twice and it never ends the same way twice.

As an experienced Escort that is the most exciting delicious part because I like to constantly surprise my clients sometimes I surprise myself. I surprise myself with the intensity of my sexual appetite and curiosity and my gentlemen callers openness to experimentation and the intensity of their arousal and orgasms.

I like it when they have this sense of sexually abandon when they visit me and some

have limitless sexual energy full of sexual passion and the ability to ignite passion me with them and they with me.that is what happens when you visit me I am full of sexual surprises.

Come up and see me sometime I may have a special Sexual surprise for you!!

Kristina your Favourite Escort always a delight to see you

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