Sexy Valentines Day
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Sexy Valentines Day

A holiday maliciously created to make lonely people extremely depressed. I am never lonely therefore never depressed, just happy to eat the Chocolates!!

Chocolate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac is deeply embedded in the history of Western civilization. The Mayans used cacao beans to pay for prostitutes in their early version of whorehouses. (The going rate was around eight beans per woman). And the great Aztec ruler Montezuma was one of the first red hot lovers to tap into chocolate’s strengths. He reportedly consumed as much as fifty cups of a cocoa elixir before heading off to his harem. Wish I had been there

The Spanish Conquistadors introduced chocolate to Europe not as a sexual stimulant but as a rich, hot drink. Yet text from the seventeenth century show that by the Rococo period, One obtained strength from chocolate for certain tasks in the boudoir. The pleasure principal was clearly understood during Rococo times! I always give my clients a cup of HOT chocolate to keep up their strength and other things!! It works

A new kind of health food ME

Chocolate contains flavonoids, antioxidants from the same family as those in green tea and red wine. In fact, studies show that the antioxidant activity in one serving of cocoa is higher than that of either tea or red wine. The darker the chocolate, the more potent antioxidants it contains. Eating this sweet candy of love produces natural opiates in the brain. This provides another insight into chocolate’ feel-good reputation. I want some and lots of it.

But you need not risk diabetic coma to appreciate chocolate’s aphrodisiac allure. Casanova, the legendary lover, touted chocolate for its ability to provide energy for a night on the prowl. He also understood the allure of creamy, dark chocolate on craving-prone women, for whom chocolate can turn on the pleasure sensors in the brain. In fact, the great lothario declared dark chocolate’s sweet, complex and sensual pleasure among the world’s finest aphrodisiacs, second only to Champagne.

Feel free to bring the chocs and champers we can nibble the chocolates and drown in the Champagne oh and do not forget the roses Red of course.

Kristina J Enjoy Valentines Day xx

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