​That place of hedonistic pleasure what is it for you??
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​That place of hedonistic pleasure what is it for you??

Hedonistic pleasure, what does it mean to you?????

'That place', for me is when sexual satisfaction is at it greatest in the build up to climax. 

It is when you put your head back on the pillow and just drift away into ecstasy and bliss as the sounds become distant and vision becomes blank, of spirals of light but feeling becomes enhanced. 

It is the perfect place to be where there is no space in your head for anything but sexual satisfaction and nothing else in the world except the enhanced feeling between you legs which is felt like it is amplified.

It is the controlled road to climax which allows maximum time in 'that place'. When your body is still and frozen in the feeling of absolute sexual bliss that you want to last forever, you feel your mounting tension build throughout your body and the tingly feeling in the tops of your legs followed by a head popping rush.  The sort of rush that no drug can take you to.  The only road there is sexual ecstacy.

That place is absolute bliss and self indulgence allows your body to visit heaven on earth for a short while, before the longed for and carefully timed climax is reached and all that tension is allowed to flow free in and you feel like you are dancing with the spirits.

Welcome to 'that space' - Heaven on earth.... A place where you are free to fly high in total bliss.

It would be a pleasure to take you there…..

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx

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