The Girlfriend Experience (GFE)  Escort – Kristina J
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The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) Escort – Kristina J

Imagine your perfect lady, welcoming, delighted to see you and looking ravishingly fabulous in high heels, stocking reaching all the way my long legs, finished with a classy dress or maybe a short dress just showing you my stocking tops as I walk up the stairs.

So the day has come you have been waiting a while to see me and standing at my door in anticipation… Will she look like her pictures? Is she really as tall as she says? Will she be taller than me?

Imagination running wild I open the door for you step inside, only when I close the door and you see me standing behind it ready to welcome you are you able to take in the full sight of me dressed just for you.

A welcoming embrace with a warm cuddle and kiss immediately puts you at ease.  Come on in and follow me up the stairs.

I know you are watching as I walk very slowly up the stairs just slow enough that you get a glimpse up my skirt and at my long legs in stockings and heels.

I lead the way in a very seductive teasing way, setting the tone for what is going to be a true girlfriend experience.  This is not just 2 strangers meeting to have sex this is two intimate lovers about to explore each other for the first time…

Inside my immaculate boudoir you begin to feel the anticipation build.  I pull you close to me and wrap my arms around you and give you a very slow lingering kiss.  Pausing for a minute to let the kiss fully embrace you as we breathe in tune with each other and make our intentions clear.

Exploring each other with our hands our clothes fall away until you are standing there before me visibly excited and ready to play.

Sensual touch is what comes next, my touch is given with intent and feeling totally engaged with you in mindful manner.  Stroking my hands over your legs I let my fingers linger just long enough to make you twitch with enhanced anticipation..

Seducing you with my eyes and caressing you with my tender kiss I feel you begin to melt into my arms and we start to dance to dance of sensual eroticism, tease and be teased, touch and really feel, not just touch your desires grow stronger and stronger..

"I know you are watching as I walk very slowly up the stairs 

just slow enough that you get a glimpse up my skirt"

I take your hand and lead you to my bed as you sink into the delicious deep mattress and plush covers you feel my hands caress over you, with my beautiful magical touch which makes you feel desired and valued.

Lingering fingers, soft breath against your skin and my warm body pressing against yours we are able to let go and explore each other, erotically, intimately and energetically.  We surrender to the magic and let is take us exactly where we want to be fully engaged with one another……

I like to spend time and not rush by far quality, slow and lingering wins over rushed, fumbling and hurried.  When you are with me I like you to feel you are with a lady who really understands herself but also understands you.  I take my time and I aim high as nothing but perfect is good enough.  I have a lot to offer to make the experience, unique, special and just for you.  I don’t have a prerequisite routine that I follow as I much prefer to be in flow as when we are in flow this is where the magic really happens,  I can only describe it as flying with the gods or spirits of another world.  This is where I love to take you if you will let me into another world of quality, connected, erotic encounters where you have a true girlfriend to explore and indulge with.

So I very much look forward to welcoming you in and seeing where the magic takes us…

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