Thigh shaking orgasms
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Thigh shaking orgasms

As mentioned earlier, most men crave a woman who is sexually assertive and challenges them mentally and psychically. There are a few interesting techniques that I can try on my clients (not every body’s cup of tea) to really make him crave my presence.

One of the most basic, but powerful, is using some type of basic restraints to immobilise my clients hands so I can have my way with him and he can't do anything about it. Most men are used to being in control and this really heightens their nerve responses and can trigger very intense orgasms, we all like a bit of an intense orgasm.

Many men love to be dominated and totally submit to the imagination of a woman. If I really want to numb his body with thigh-shaking orgasms, then I blind fold him so he has no idea what area of his body is going to be in ecstasy.

While my gentlemen is tied up, there is one move that I like to do to show him my totally wild side and blow his mind. This move entails the client giving me oral sex but him having no control over how he gives it to me. You basically tie his hands to your bed and then I lower my vagina onto his mouth. I can either totally sit on his face, or be on all fours and lowering my self down to him and let his tongue go to work. When I want to tease him, I simply lift off of him and stop. I love it.

I know i am a handful but thats why you have two hands.

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